Public Space Management

The Downtown Alliance works to keep Lower Manhattan looking its best. You’ll see our staff hard at work tending seasonal flowers and plantings, installing holiday lighting, maintaining street furniture and sprucing up public spaces. Our efforts make Lower Manhattan a beautiful place to live, work and visit.


The Alliance designs and maintains a variety of seasonal plantings at Bowling Green, Mannahatta Park, Trinity Park and Liz Berger Plaza, Albany Plaza, Water/Whitehall Plaza, Coenties Slip Plaza and Park, Gouverneur Lane, the NYSE security zone and along Greenwich and Nassau streets.

Water Street Enhancements

To provide much-needed public space along the Water Street corridor, we collaborated with the Department of Transportation to create three interim pedestrian plazas located at Water and Whitehall streets, Coenties Slip and Gouverneur Lane.

Pedestrian sidewalk extensions (bump-outs) were added to enhance safety along the corridor by extending the sidewalk and shorten crossing distances. The Downtown Alliance maintains planters in these spaces to further distinguish the area.

Winter Holiday Decorations

Since its founding in 1995, the Downtown Alliance has installed unique shooting star holiday lights throughout the district. In 2015, Cooper Robertson, one of many Lower Manhattan-based architecture and design firms, won our design competition for a new iconic holiday light. This winning design was unveiled for the 2015 holiday season, and is on display from mid-November to mid-January.

Stone Street

One of the first paved streets in the “New World,” Stone Street has been restored to its former glory. Storefronts that once stood empty and neglected are now home to some of the neighborhood’s most successful and bustling dining destinations.

We partnered with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to designate Stone Street as a historic district, a move that allowed the Commission to apply for federal funds to restore the street. We also teamed up with the city’s Department of Transportation and Department of Design and Construction to bring Stone Street back to life. The project, designed by Beyer Blender Belle Architects, set the stage for new commercial development while preserving Stone Street’s historic charm.

The Downtown Alliance coordinated the Stone Street reconstruction. The city installed a new street bed, lined with cobblestones duplicating the street’s original paving, and also laid new bluestone sidewalks and a granite curb. Old-style lighting fixtures were also installed. Stone Street has maintained its charming historic character while reinventing itself as Lower Manhattan’s new “restaurant row.”

Tables And Chairs

As an amenity to the public, the Downtown Alliance sets out and maintains the tables and chairs at Water and Whitehall Plaza, Coenties Slip Plaza, Gouverneur Lane, Albany Plaza and the bump-out on Broad Street by Exchange Place.